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About Me

In 2006 I graduated as a photographer, but I wasn’t done learning new skills then. (I’m still not done, I will probably never be.)
So I also studied graphic design and illustration. In the last couple of years I learned videography and at this moment I’m experimenting a lot with animation. Always learning, always playing.

I want to tell stories in a creative visual way and I feel that being able to use multiple tools is an added value. There is so much value in taking (visual) roads less travelled and being able to offer something else, something creative, something different, than what is out there.

You decide how I can be of service. Plain and simple. No marketing tricks. You simply look at my work. It speaks for itself. If it attracts you, send me a message and tell me your story. I can’t wait!

my personal & brand values:

No room for discrimination

Ecological is logical

Be kind to every kind

Creativity over trends

Money is a tool,
not a goal

A visual identity for your brand is important in this visual age we live in. Yet a lot of similar brands look so alike! There are always colour trends, font trends, logo trends, … . And it is tempting to follow those trends because they have already proven their likeability. But if you want to stand out in your market, stop looking like all the other stalls.

I don’t do trends. I am quite stubborn like that. 😉

I have learned many visual skills, to have access to these various visual skills is what makes me different from my colleagues.

I am  a visual storyteller and use the proper tools to tell the particular story and therefore I will maybe photograph, create a video, make illustrations … whatever your brand needs. I dive deep into your story and will strategically think along. I will design a complete visual concept, tailored to your story.

I work best when I can offer multiple visual services that together form a cohesive, creative visual wholeThat offers you a comprehensive blueprint of your brand’s visual strategy.

I you need someone for just a quick photoshoot, I am not your gal.
If you need someone for just a few short reels, I am not your gal.
I AM your gal if you want to let go of what you think you might need and you want to look again with fresh eyes. It’s ok if you already have some parts of your visual branding, we can start from there. I just want to think along and make sure your visual strategy makes sense and is aligned with your brand and its mission.

I can help you find out what your needs are.

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Vicky Bogaert
Roosgrachtlaan 23
3400 Landen

BTW BE0894.603.878